When Your Heart And Spirit Have Been Crushed By Deception And Infidelity, Support Can Help.

You’ve taken the first step by looking for ways to support yourself through this painful time in your life.

Now that you’re here let’s turn pain and heartbreak into hope, healing, and the beginning of a new life story.

Roberta Wands, M.A., LMFT


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Are You Looking For A Way To Deal With The Overwhelming Emotions After Discovering Infidelity Betrayal?

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I'm Roberta Wands, M.A.

As a former betrayed spouse, I know how hard it is to deal with the emotional pain after discovering infidelity betrayal.

If you're ready to discover ways to cope with the grief you feel after infidelity betrayal, you've come to the right place.

I'm Here For You!


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"Your email course has been extremely helpful. I commend you for helping other women like myself . . . everything that you have sent me so far helps me to realize my instincts were correct all along . . . thank you for helping me to finally see the light.

I look forward to your emails everyday as they are truly helping me."  A.R.


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The Betray No More Mission

Support And Hope For The Hearts And Lives Of Women Who've Been Hurt By Infidelity, Deception, And Betrayal.

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Infidelity In Marriage Hurts.


  • The inability to trust him.

  • The painful thoughts that replay over and over in your mind.

  • The roller coaster of overwhelming emotions.

  • The inability to control how angry you are.

  •  Wanting him to feel as bad as you do.   

None Of This Is Easy . . . But Recovery Is Possible.

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"This was a great opportunity to restore and re-build positive emotions." T.J.

"It's good to know you came out on the other side . . . there is light and hope." C.C

"All of the information was so helpful. I will continue to subscribe." K.K.


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