The 18 Infidelity Recovery Principles + FREE Downloadable Workbook

18 Infidelity Recovery Principles + Workbook

18 Infidelity Recovery Principles + Workbook

Hi beautiful one!

Lately, I've been quite busy working on writing and designing a downloadable workbooks to help you deal with the emotional challenges of infidelity.

"The Infidelity Grief Wellness And Recovery Workbook" is the first in a series of workbooks to be launched in the upcoming months.

The new workbook includes assessments, exercises, journal prompts, symptom tracking, a weekly recovery planner, and more!

It is designed to help you write and process your thoughts and feelings as you move through infidelity grief recovery.

It is truly the workbook I wish I had when I was going through the heartbreak of infidelity.

I'm putting my heart and soul into creating this workbook.

Today I decided it would be nice for you to have a sneak preview of what's happening behind the scenes at BETRAY NO MORE to support your recovery.

The upcoming Infidelity Grief workbook contains 18 Infidelity Recovery Principles which I will share with you below.

If you'd like to start working on these principles right away, I have a complimentary downloadable workbook for you to get started!

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A quick note before we move on to the principles:

No matter how committed you are to your recovery, it is important that you focus on one or two principles at a time and master them before moving on to additional principles.

Recovery is a process and it takes time to master new changes.

Give yourself time and try not to emotionally overwhelm yourself.

Additionally, infidelity recovery is not a linear process. You will likely stumble along the way.

So often, Infidelity recovery is a lot like this:

One step forward, and two steps back.

Just do the best you can, knowing that small steps will help you get where you need to go.


Principle One

I have a written, short-term and long-term freedom plan in place so I can leave my relationship, should that become necessary. I will stay in my relationship by CHOICE, not because I HAVE TO.

Principle Two

I give myself full permission to grieve all the losses in my heart, knowing that grief is a normal part of healing and recovery after infidelity.

Principle Three

I do not dwell on feeling like a victim. I focus only on being a strong, empowered woman of value and worthiness.

Principle Four

I know in my heart that I did not cause my partner to choose infidelity. He alone, is responsible for his own choices and actions.

Principle Five

I identify what I need and make respectful, calm requests to get those needs met. I don't use angry outbursts to express myself.

Principle Six

I practice daily self-compassion because I know that I am worthy of kindness, love, and respect.

Principle Seven

I make time everyday to focus on taking care of myself - emotionally, physically, sexually, and mentally.

Principle Eight

I embrace personal growth and transformation so I can become my very best self - whether I choose to stay with him or not.

Principle Nine

I deserve to be treated with respect and honesty in all of my relationships. I do not have to feel guilty for letting go of any relationship that does not progress into a healthy one.

Principle Ten

Taking recovery one day at a time, (or one hour at a time,) will make it easier for me to manage my grief recovery.

Principle Eleven

My partner's behavior is more important than his promises. Appropriate behavior proves he is becoming the person he says he wants to be.

Principle Twelve

I do not tear myself down with negative self-talk. If I notice this happening, I replace it with positive affirmations of my worthiness. This supports, encourages, and uplifts me.

Principle Thirteen

Although well-meaning people in my life may give me advice, I have the right to determine what is best for myself and my situation. I am the one who has to live with my decisions.

Principle Fourteen

I have the right to my feelings. I am not over-reacting. Infidelity can be a traumatic experience and my feelings are normal, under the circumstances.

Principle Fifteen

I deserve to ask questions of my partner and to receive thoughtful, honest answers.

Principle Sixteen

Healing after infidelity will probably take longer than I expected and that is ok. I trust myself and the recovery process.

Principle Seventeen

The grief I feel takes energy. I will allow myself to rest and take breaks from the work I'm doing to heal my heart.

Principle Eighteen

I know I am not going "crazy." I am grieving real, valid losses and that comes with lots of emotion and feelings.

So there they are. 18 Infidelity Recovery Principles.

If you'd like to start working on the recovery principles you can do so by:

  • Writing a single principle on a note card.
  • Review it daily.
  • Journal about the principle. Begin to sort out your thoughts and feelings about the principle.
  • Figure out how you will apply it to your life and overcome any challenges you face.

Until next time . . .

Hope and healing,