Allow Yourself To Grieve The Losses That Come With Discovering Infidelity

Hi there!

I want to share a quick video I made today, with you.

I know just how challenging infidelity grief can be. I went through so much of that myself.

I want to support you, and give you full permission to feel your feelings of sadness and grief. Grief is such a big part of infidelity healing.

We live in a culture that has a hard time supporting those who are experiencing painful feelings.

There is often a rush to say things that, while said with very good intentions, do not help the person who is grieving.

Many are just very uncomfortable with grief and don't know what to say. So they try to shut your feelings down or smooth them over to help you feel better.

And on top of that, I know you don't have very many people you can trust to confide in.

Experiencing infidelity in marriage is often a painful secret we keep tucked away in our heart.

I want to encourage you to grieve your losses, knowing that one day your heart will feel better again.

Allow the feelings of grief and pain to cleanse your heart and heal the places that hurt.

I promise, it will get easier for you.

And as I mentioned in the video, I also want to share a quote with you:


As always, I wish you hope and healing,