Infidelity Is A Painful Thing To Go Through: But There Is Hope For Recovery And Healing

Infidelity is a painful thing to go through: But there is hope.

Infidelity is a painful thing to go through: But there is hope.

There was a time in my life when the emotional pain of my ex-husband's infidelity was not only unbearable, but also extremely stressful.

I think back on that period in my life and I wonder how I ever managed to hold myself together.

I suppose I had to because I had two young children to raise. Who else was going to care for them? I'm sure that is part of why I was so strong, despite the increasing chaos in my marriage.

But I know it wasn't just that.

I look back and realize that I also had a very high tolerance for emotional pain - and I don't count that as a positive thing.

I had learned growing up that this is how you deal with emotional pain.

When something bad happened in my family, I learned that you don't talk about it or express how you feel - you simply move on to the next day as if nothing happened.

Apparently, I learned that family lesson really well.

By the time I left my family home, I had no idea how I felt about a lot of things because I pushed most of my feelings "under the rug."

In my adulthood, and in my marriage, this didn't serve me very well.

I tolerated, ignored, denied, and toughened up about things that really needed my attention.

As you know from reading this blog, I did end up learning how to connect with my feelings and experiences, advocate for myself, and recover from the pain of infidelity in my marriage.

As you can imagine, I would do things differently in that marriage if I had to do it all over again.

Hindsight is always a great teacher.

Having gone through all of this, I did learn some important life lessons:

  • It's not necessary or helpful to ignore the emotional pain in our heart. It's a sign that something needs our attention.
  • The more we pursue active healing, the more we will grow and eventually create a better life for ourselves.
  • There is always hope after every challenging situation in our life.
  • We have overcome many hardships in our life prior to discovering infidelity in marriage. There is no reason to believe we can't overcome this challenge too.
  • Experiencing infidelity in our marriage is not a life sentence. It is only one chapter of many.
  • Actively pursuing recovery every day and taking small steps will help us overcome whatever stands in the way of a peaceful life and marriage.

More than anything, I just want to encourage and remind you to keep moving forward one day at a time.

Learn what you can, listen to your heart, pursue recovery, and connect with that part of yourself that will support your personal growth.

And always remember - This too, shall pass - in time.

Hope and Healing,