The 5-Step Plan For Ending Emotional Melt-Downs And Betrayal Triggers


Today Let's Talk About How To Stop Painful Betrayal Triggers From Overwhelming You.

Betrayal, (especially after discovering infidelity in your relationship,) brings a host of problems to deal with.

Anger, pain, rage, depression, anxiety, and sleepless nights are just some of things you are probably dealing with right now.

One especially challenging aspect of betrayal is dealing with betrayal triggers.

Betrayal triggers are those painful, emotional reminders of his infidelity.

Sometimes triggers seem to come out of nowhere.

Betrayal triggers can happen to you when you least expect them, sending you into a very painful emotional melt-down.

Sometimes when you are triggered by something, it can be hard to stay in emotional control of yourself.

It's one thing when you are by yourself and this happens - it's another when it happens at work or in front of people.

I know from experience that triggers can happen at all the wrong times.

If betrayal triggers happen often enough, you will probably end up feeling totally exhausted from them.

Have you ever been overwhelmed and exhausted by the pain and anger?

I know I have and it just feels really, really bad!

It’s important to find ways to deal with betrayal triggers when they happen because:

  • The further you find yourself spiraling down from a betrayal trigger, the harder it will be for you to recover from the emotional pain it caused.

  • Your heart needs time to heal because you have been through infidelity trauma.

  • You will need to actively protect yourself from further exposure to the things that hurt you.

Maybe it happens when a song comes on the radio.

Or maybe it's the sight of the cell phone he used to cheat on you. 

If you've just discovered another one of his secrets, that can become a mega trigger.

Whatever it is that triggers you, you will need a strategy to deal with it.

Today I’m going to share my 5-Step Plan For Ending Emotional Melt-Downs And Betrayal Triggers to help you deal with betrayal triggers when they happen.

It’s important that you begin using this 5-step plan as soon as possible after you notice you’ve been triggered by something.

Otherwise, the trigger will be more challenging to deal.

Here is The 5-Step Plan For Ending Emotional Melt-Downs And Betrayal Triggers:

Step 1- Create A Pause.

Envision a Big Red Stop Sign in your mind.
Now say “STOP” to yourself to stop your thoughts and emotions from racing.

When a trigger happens, your mind may be immediately flooded with thoughts about his infidelity. This can lead to anger, rage, or pain.

Triggers can also lead to feeling anxiety, fear, panic, and other emotions. A trigger sets an emotional alarm system off in your mind and body.

In step 1, we are creating a “pause” to begin slowing things down emotionally for you.

Step 2 - Take 3 Deep Breathes.

    a.  Take a deep breathe.
    b.  As you slowly exhale, envision yourself releasing all the stress you are feeling, from your body.
    c.  Repeat this a total of 3 times.

Step 3 - Notice The Room Or Environment.

    a.  Name 5 things you see in the room or environment you are in.

This step will help you stay in the present moment, further calming you and preventing you from getting lost in your fears, pain, or thoughts.

You become more centered and focused on the present moment.

Step 4 - Comfort Yourself.

    a.  Remind yourself that you can, and will, take care of yourself. You have made a commitment to end betrayal in your life - one day at a time.

Step 5 -  Ask Yourself.

    a.  How can I eliminate this trigger from my life? What do I need to do to protect myself from betrayal triggers I have control over so I can heal?
    b.  Get out a piece of paper and a pen. Write your answer(s) down.
    c.  Create a plan to eliminate as many betrayal triggers from your life as you can.

This step encourages you to see where triggers can be removed from your life, and then how you can take the necessary action to make this happen.

With practice, these steps will get easier for you.

You will begin to feel better quicker after a betrayal trigger!

Taking action and actively healing from betrayal will make you feel stronger and more empowered in your life.

Hope and Healing,

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